About Us

Western Technology Development.

Our business encompasses sourcing of technology, exporting and importing of Industrial Raw Materials, Renewable Energy Products and Raw Materials, Sophisticated Tools, Parts and Equipment and Organic Products.

Our Technolgy Transfer and Project Consultancy Experience is over 30 years in USA, Europe and in Asia

  • We have Highly Qualified Engineers with Experience in World Class Technology
  • We can Streamline Your Companys Operations with our Innovative Cost Reduction Strategies
  • We can take your product from Design to Manufacturing - A to Z


Our Strength


Our Track Record of Manufacturing Projects on Turnkey Basis:

  • USA ( 12 ) - Streamer Tape Drive, High-Density Disk Drive, Ink Jet Cartridge Heads, Aero Space Projects, Clean Room Construction and Operation.
  • Japan ( 2 )- Ink Jet Cartridge Heads
  • Singapore ( 2 )- Hard Disk Drives
  • India (10 ) - Audio Equipment, Solar Pumps, Solar Current Booster, 500 W – Wind Turbine, Inverters, Timers
Manufacturing Projects in Class 10 Clean Rooms :

  • Tooling - Parts in Micron Range
  • Sourcing of Test, Inspection & Manufacturing Process Equipment
  • Manufacturing Facility Layout Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Manufacturing Process Design
  • Manufacturing Process Documentation
  • Manufacturing Process Maturity Test
  • Testing and Certification of samples and products.